BMW Atlantis Blue: A Timeless Hue with a Captivating History

Introducing the BMW Atlantis Blue paint code, a legendary color that has graced iconic BMW models throughout history. From its origins to its enduring popularity, this mesmerizing shade continues to captivate enthusiasts worldwide.

BMW Atlantis Blue, with its unique blend of azure and silver, has become synonymous with sophistication and performance. Its versatility has adorned everything from sleek coupes to rugged SUVs, showcasing its timeless appeal.

BMW Atlantis Blue Paint History

BMW Atlantis Blue is a distinctive and captivating paint color that has graced the exteriors of select BMW models over the years. Its origins can be traced back to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean, where the legendary lost city of Atlantis is said to have once existed.

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Inspired by the enigmatic beauty of this underwater realm, BMW designers crafted Atlantis Blue as a vibrant and otherworldly hue. The color was first introduced in 2004 as an exclusive option for the BMW Z4 roadster, adding a touch of marine allure to the car’s sleek lines.

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Timeline of Availability, Bmw atlantis blue paint code

  • 2004: Introduced on the BMW Z4 roadster
  • 2006: Expanded to the BMW 6 Series
  • 2007: Added to the BMW 3 Series and BMW X5
  • 2008: Discontinued from the BMW 3 Series and BMW X5
  • 2010: Reintroduced on the BMW 1 Series
  • 2011: Discontinued from all models

Color Characteristics and Variations: Bmw Atlantis Blue Paint Code

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BMW Atlantis Blue is a captivating and distinctive paint color that has graced BMW vehicles for many years. It is characterized by its deep, oceanic hue that evokes the allure and mystery of the deep sea.

The shade of Atlantis Blue is a rich and vibrant cobalt blue that exudes both elegance and sportiness. It features a subtle metallic finish that adds depth and dimension to its appearance, creating a mesmerizing play of light and shadow.

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Variations and Special Editions

Over the years, BMW has released several variations and special editions of Atlantis Blue. These include:

  • Atlantis Blue Metallic: The original and most common variant of Atlantis Blue, featuring a deep cobalt hue with a metallic finish.
  • Atlantis Blue II Metallic: A slightly darker and more saturated shade of Atlantis Blue, introduced in the early 2000s.
  • Individual Atlantis Blue Metallic: A bespoke variant of Atlantis Blue offered through BMW’s Individual program, allowing customers to customize their vehicles with unique color options.

Popularity and Applications

Bmw atlantis blue paint code

BMW Atlantis Blue has gained immense popularity among BMW enthusiasts, consistently ranking as one of the most sought-after colors for various BMW models. Its captivating hue and versatility have made it a favorite for those who value both style and performance.

Notable BMW Models Featuring Atlantis Blue

Atlantis Blue has graced a wide range of BMW models, including:

  • BMW 3 Series
  • BMW 4 Series
  • BMW 5 Series
  • BMW 6 Series
  • BMW X3
  • BMW X5

These models showcase the adaptability of Atlantis Blue, complementing both sporty and luxurious designs. The paint’s ability to enhance the contours and curves of BMW vehicles has made it a popular choice for enthusiasts seeking a distinctive and eye-catching appearance.

Paint Code and Specifications

The official BMW Atlantis Blue paint code is B45, also known as Atlantik Blau Metallic. Its hexadecimal value is #092843, and its RGB values are (9, 40, 67).The paint is a deep, metallic blue with a slight greenish tint. It is composed of a basecoat and a clearcoat, and it is highly durable and resistant to fading and chipping.

The application process is complex and requires specialized equipment and training.


The basecoat of Atlantis Blue is a water-based paint that contains pigments, resins, and solvents. The pigments are responsible for the color of the paint, while the resins and solvents help to bind the pigments together and create a smooth, even finish.The clearcoat is a polyurethane-based paint that is applied over the basecoat.

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It protects the basecoat from damage and gives the paint a glossy finish.


Atlantis Blue is a very durable paint that is resistant to fading, chipping, and scratching. It is also resistant to UV radiation, which can cause other paints to fade over time.

Application Process

The application process for Atlantis Blue is complex and requires specialized equipment and training. The basecoat is first applied to the vehicle’s surface, and then the clearcoat is applied over the basecoat. The paint is then baked in an oven to cure it.

Restoration and Maintenance

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BMW Atlantis Blue paint, like any other car paint, requires proper care and maintenance to preserve its vibrant appearance and protect it from damage. Restoring and maintaining Atlantis Blue paint involves several key steps:

Touch-Up Procedures

  • Touch-ups are necessary to repair minor scratches, chips, or paint damage. Use touch-up paint that matches the original Atlantis Blue paint code to ensure a seamless repair.
  • Clean the damaged area thoroughly before applying touch-up paint.
  • Apply the touch-up paint carefully using a fine brush or pen.
  • Allow the touch-up paint to dry completely before polishing or waxing the area.

Paint Protection

  • Paint protection is crucial to prevent fading, oxidation, and other damage caused by environmental factors.
  • Apply a high-quality wax or sealant to the Atlantis Blue paint regularly to create a protective barrier.
  • Consider using a ceramic coating for long-lasting protection and a glossy finish.
  • Park the car in shaded areas or use a car cover to minimize sun exposure.

Detailing Techniques

  • Regular detailing helps remove dirt, grime, and contaminants that can dull the Atlantis Blue paint.
  • Use a pH-neutral car wash soap and soft microfiber cloths for washing and drying.
  • Clay bar the paint surface periodically to remove embedded contaminants.
  • Apply a polish or glaze to enhance the paint’s shine and depth.

Closing Notes

Bmw atlantis blue paint code

BMW Atlantis Blue remains a coveted choice among discerning drivers, its allure transcending generations. Its enduring legacy as a symbol of style and performance ensures that it will continue to inspire and captivate for years to come.

Quick FAQs

What is the BMW Atlantis Blue paint code?

The BMW Atlantis Blue paint code is B45.

What is the history behind BMW Atlantis Blue?

BMW Atlantis Blue was first introduced in 1995 and was inspired by the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

What are the characteristics of BMW Atlantis Blue?

BMW Atlantis Blue is a metallic paint with a unique hue that combines shades of azure and silver.

How popular is BMW Atlantis Blue?

BMW Atlantis Blue has been a popular color choice among BMW enthusiasts since its introduction.